The London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) has announced they are making their entire MBA programme available free-of-charge to students across the globe – including live video lectures and catch-up classes’ on-demand – using Facebook as the platform to deliver the course content.

Accredited by the University of Wales, students with a computer anywhere in the world can sign up to the Global MBA lessons and will only pay once they decide go forward for formal accreditation. With the LSBF Global MBA, people will, for free, be able to access lectures online from its faculty and panel discussion groups including industry highflyers such as Partners at Accenture Management Consulting and Deloitte, the Head of Royal Navy Leadership Academy and the Director of Marketing at Viagogo.

This revolutionary “try before you buy” approach offers two unique advantages: students that are interested in learning business skills can now do so from some of the best business lecturers, through an innovative and familiar delivery channel at no cost; and those that are considering going for a formal MBA accreditation can test both the quality of the product and their aptitude and interest before any financial commitment.

LSBF has identified the barriers that have historically prevented online MBA courses being effective in both global business and education, whilst recognising the value of a face-to-face learning environment. Three studios in the LSBF’s London campus were built to continually record updated study material with lecturers and panel discussion groups to keep in line with business events.

The LSBF is the fastest growing business school in the UK and part of a rapidly expanding educational group of companies, increasing by 100% per annum, with a group turnover of £100 million. LSBF expect over 500,000 users of the Facebook APP in the first year.


• Total research & development investment by LSBF for the Global MBA programme is £7.5m

• As the largest growing social network, Facebook was chosen to deliver the Global MBA, after the school recognised that the traditional business school platform is 20 years old and academically boring

• The average age of students undertaking MBA in the UK is 28

• In 2009 the e-learning industry was estimated to be worth between £300m and £450m in the UK and is forecasted to grow by 8% – up 7% from 2008

• The e-learning industry is worth over $49.6bn (£31bn) globally – up 12.8% from 2008

• Recent figures show there are now 200,000 MBAs graduating each year globally

• The MBA programme was listed as the second largest in the world in a March 2009 survey by the Financial Times of 40 top distance learning and online MBAs

• Founded in 2003, LSBF started with four students and now has 12,000 students, with a global network of 150,000, from 150 counties worldwide

• London school of Business and Finance is one of Europe’s leading business schools, developing postgraduate and professional qualifications and delivering flexible learning programmes through its ground-breaking online InterActive study platform

• LSBF’s global presence now includes campus locations in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Singapore, Hong Kong, Moscow and Toronto. LSBF spans the globe offering innovative, practical and industry-relevant qualification


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