Twenty people are said to have been arrested after the student protests yesterday, but apart from the hovering helicopters you really would not have know it was on unless you were in the immediate vicinity. Oh and if you wanted to go to The Ritz where all the shutters were down just in case of any potential damage.

James Murdoch is appearing at the DCMS committee again this morning to try and explain what he did or did not know about the phone hacking apparently prevalent among the News of the World journalists, rather than a one off rogue journalist as he claimed during his previous appearance. You can actually watch it live on Parliament TV.

The fixtures for Team GB have just been announced. That is the football fixtures for the football team representing us at the Olympics 2012 in London. The team will play in Manchester London and Cardiff according to The Telegraph.

And ibnlive tell the sad story about Torres who feels he cannot settle at Chelsea, notwithstanding his £50m price tag. Meanwhile Tevez has apparently skipped off to Buenos Aires and has missed training with Manchester City. Given the amount of money that these footballers earn it is difficult to be sympathetic, especially when everyone else is pulling in their belts. Has it now got to the stage where football clubs should not offer so much money? What do you think? Comments below!

The Rolling Stone tells us that we are to expect a jam session from the pensioners, The Rolling Stones, but only in the privacy of a studio. Still who knows what might come of it?


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