Today is 11-11-11 and a number of people in the city this morning observed the two minute silence in memory of those lost in the First and Second World Wars along with those who have perished in conflicts since. The Metropolitan Police had a lot of officers on the streets particularly in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square where wreaths were laid. We wish we had known about the Twitter Remembrance Day campaign however which you can read about here.

It will be decided today if the Olympics Stadium will be used for the 2017 World Athletics Championships or if the Olympic stadium is really to be left to the footballers after 2012 is over.

Camden Council has appointed a new Chief Executive this week. The formal appointment followed a rigorous cross-party interview process. He was selected from a strong field of candidates, including a number of current Chief Executives.

Camden is a high performing council, and emerged under the Comprehensive Area Assessment as the highest performing area for public services. As part of the council’s drive to reduce the cost of senior officers, the basic remuneration package payable to the new Chief Executive will be reduced by 20%.

The cross party appointment panel undertook interviews and the selection process included informal meetings with key stakeholders from the borough as well as an interview with a panel of young people.

Current Chief Executive, Moira Gibb CBE, announced in July that she would step down from the role after eight years, at the end of 2011.

Mike Cooke will take up the post early in the New Year. He is currently deputy chief executive of the Council as well as director of housing and adult social care and human resources. His background includes previous local government public sector and private sector experience at a senior executive level.

Meanwhile the airbrushing of HMS Belfast out of an Olympics 2012 poster has caused a furore according to The Daily Mail.

A new Lord Mayor of London, lawyer David Wootton, is sworn in today and the Lord Mayor’s Show will take place over this weekend. An excuse for more fireworks!


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