Among other things that is! Here is what they do…..on a film….and below is what they do…in words!

St Pauls Lifestyle inc OVERGROUND SOUND is a high end grungy musically based retail business with an “Exciting” music blog called OVERGROUND SOUND.

OVERGROUND SOUND supports striving artists. See below for more info – we do film/reviews/music features on big and small names. Signed and massive, unsigned and going massive. We are independent and operate a “positive publishing” policy. If a band makes it onto OVERGROUND SOUND it means it has something serious to offer.

We are passionate about music and this comes out in our retail branding too – see the “Sid and Nancy” line as a prime example…!


St Pauls Lifestyle is quintessentially English romantic with a punky touch – an exclusive cult brand with an artistic heritage.

Capturing the essence of our edgy cultural history, St Pauls Lifestyle is a way of life – a scene that is edgy and unashamedly romantic: artistic integrity and freedom of musical expression are the themes that illuminate our opening designs…

… Unbelievably flattering, our designs are created for real people loving life – a unique cocktail of English creativity  – seeped in music and history and beautiful things.

Every design is individually hand printed and finished



OVERGROUND SOUND is an “exciting” music blog supporting striving musicians and celebrating established musicians.

We have concentrated our efforts on reviewing live performance as we think this is where it counts most.

However we really cannot ignore the great sounds that bands are producing as they progress their recorded music. So we are delighted to announce that from May 2011 we will begin to review recorded tracks. These reviews will be filed against the Artists name in the Artists Index in OVERGROUND SOUND and also under the listed category “And… RECORDED REVIEWS!”

In addition to followers of OVERGROUND SOUND and traffic from the high end retail site of St Pauls Lifestyle, OVERGROUND SOUND has publishing arrangements which swells the readership of some of our features by 20,000

We support new acts by interspersing their music with big features like interviews, reviews etc – e.g. recent interviews/features (posted or imminently coming) include Rise Against. Dukes Spirit, Courtney Pine; Bury Tomorrow; Pulled Apart by Horses; Paul Smith; Frank Turner, Joel Plaskett and Peter Elkas (platinum Canadian superstars) Aynsley Lister, Chris T-T, Soweto Kinch…we do not discriminate against genres.

Following a trip to Berlin for Rise Against and Coliseum’s last night together, we have our first rockdoc in post production now – features include an exclusive interview with Coliseum – which Coliseum liked so much they dedicated a song to Rose Paul (our Founder and lead interviewer) during their huge ColumbiaHalle gig!

We are moving into multi media and film which gives as additional vehicles to showcase unsigned bands’ music  e.g. “Naked…a dressing film” which features Joseph James and The Lost Society also on YouTube.

We have about 18 contributors/photographers in the UK and abroad. We support bands we like, e.g. by exerting pressure for airtime on national radio. We have an association with a local radio show and arrange sessions and we have started doing Case Studies of bands. We encourage bands to use our site as an affirming place where they can have a group of features published by an objective supporter and listed under their Indexed name. We do all this for free – we support striving musicians.

We have a policy of “positive publishing” meaning we will not diss a band. If we see or hear something flawed we don’t say anything. If we see something flawed with potential we keep going back or listening until that band is good enough to be published by us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us …


We are an organisation mixing youth with experience – we rate the freshness of new and the wisdom of being there.

We are:

Rose Paul – founder

Anne – office


Ben – Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND

Bex – Photographer/film – fashion, products and live acts   SEE BELOW


Sam D – Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND

Charles – Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND

Hjalbeau – Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND

Jack – Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND

Jacque – Contributor OVERGROUND SOUND

James – Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND

Kenn – Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND

Benji – Photography, OVERGROUND SOUND

Phoebe – model

Hazel – model

Rosie – model, Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND

Jenny – model

Jessica – model

Louisa – design model and Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND

Millie – model

Chris – Contributor, OVERGROUND SOUND (also occasional model)

Zoe – Photography, design and products

Alex – Photography, design and products

James S – Photography, product and marketing

We wish to mention Bex Saunders Photography in particular – a rising star in the world of photography – check out her awards below:

Winnings (:
Hampshire”s Top Attractions 2010 – Hampshire Heritdige
Hampshire”s Top Attractions 2010 – Family Fun
Lilttleton and Harestock Show 2010 – Portraits
Littleton and Harestock Show 2010 – Pastimes (3rd)
Littleton and Harestockshow 2010 – Animals (3rd)
Nature Detectives 2010 – Whatever The Weather (2nd)
The Young Photographer of The Year – Finalist
Take Another Look At Photography

Publications (:
The Marwell Website
Illuminate Magazine – Interveiw
A feature in the Take Another Look At Photography exhibition in Tullie House (Carlisle)
Nature detectives website
Nature detectives 2011 calander
Hamsphire”s Top Attractions Website
The Hampshire Chronicle website
The Daily Echo website
The Daily Telegraph website
The Independent website
The Sky website
The Romsey Advertiser – Article written about me
Romsey Youth Theater Cafe Hero booklet

We are proud to be using Bex.  Check her out.

We would like to thank Blue Hen Dorset for their exclusive Fruit cake –

… and Chloe Antiques for the beautiful antiques featured in our shoots


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