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Recent reports indicate that employers are set to hire people at the fastest rate since 2008. This is great news for employers, job-seekers and the economy.


Whether you already have a team, or are seeking to recruit for the first time, hiring the right people is vital. You need to find people who will enable the growth and continued success of your business.


Advertising jobs is one way to attract potential recruits, but sifting through CVs, many likely to be from candidates unsuitable for the post, can take up a lot of your valuable time. Some advertising may also be costly.


It can be more productive to enlist a recruitment or executive search consultant, as they not only have in-depth experience, they will already have a database of candidates who could be a good match for your job.


When reviewing CVs, some companies find it beneficial to also check out candidates’ on-line activity, for instance, on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This can provide further insight into their suitability for the role.


Once the interview process begins, you will of course be able to assess whether the candidate is a good match for your business. Find out how much research they have done, to familiarise themselves with the company and the job – and ask what they would expect to achieve in the role.


Be prepared to be asked questions too – an interested candidate will want to know more about the company, as well as the job.


Finally, make sure you are fully aware of the legal requirements of recruitment. And don’t rush to recruit – the cost of hiring the wrong person could have an impact on your business for years to come.


Cath StrachanCath Strachan is managing director of MSK Search which specialises in executive search and selection across a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceutical, engineering, oil and gas, sales and medical. MSK Search works with companies in the UK, Scandinavia, the US, Africa, Azerbaijan, Dubai and Singapore. Follow MSK Search on Twitter @msksearch





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