Philip G PI 600 pixel--1A new exhibition in Mayfair entitled ‘InterFACE’  is a study of 13 people who have been been both photographed and painted.

The two images have then been merged together to create an abstract representation of the person’s character – a ‘paired image’.  Working with psychotherapist Philip Groom, who is also an artist, has provided the artist Jason Ashwood with what he describes as a ‘unique aspect’ to this process.

Maurits G PI 600 pixel-2-1This has been a very unique 6 month project and he is exhibiting the portraits as well as the 13 ‘paired images’ and a variety of his other photography from corporate commissions.

Ashwood said:-“The process of creating a portrait that reflects the individual’s character is incredibly rewarding. The portrait is a personal interaction that is captured in a moment in time, and it is the photographer’s job to both create and capture it.

I was therefore thrilled to be invited by Philip to develop a project which brought photographic and painted portraits of the same people together. Our ‘paired image’ concept came as physical manifestation of this idea.”

The Gallery 54 Shepherd Market W1J 7QX T 0207 491 7322

5 – 9 November 11:00am to 8:00pm daily.

Hannah PI 600 pixel--1

All images courtesy of Ashwood photography


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